Classic cheeses

We're adventurous by nature and love trying new foods, but we always come back to these classic flavors for comfort. We offer our raw milk cheese in five classic varieties you know and love. Taste and see the difference a well tended herd and experienced milking hands can make on even these well-known varieties.

Classic Sampler

Classic sampler

Our Classic Sampler includes three 8 oz. blocks of each of our classic varieties: Cheddar, Colby and Pepper Jack.

Wine and dine your friends with your favorite cheeses sliced and paired with some crisp pink lady apple slices or use the sampler to give the gift of cheese to your friends and family.

Pepper Jack Cheese

Raw Milk Pepper Jack Cheese

Fresh red peppers make this cheese pop with flavor and add just the right amount of heat to pair well with any meal. This cheese holds up great on its own and is one of our favorite choices for melting on a pizza pie!

Colby Cheese

Raw Milk Colby Cheese

When Joseph Steinwand was tinkering around in his father's cheese factory, I doubt he knew what lengths we would go to perfect his creation. We really love the raw milk Colby cheese, because it is our smoothest.

Cheddar Cheese

Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese

Any self-respecting cheese aficionado will want to give our raw milk cheddar cheese a try. Even a layman will find this cheese bright and lively up front with a pleasant green apple juiciness. Not content to leave you underwhelmed, our cheddar follows up with a hint of creamy pistachio, wonderful synthesizing stone fruit and nut flavors.

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