Welcome, Food Renegades!

Sun, 2012-04-29 23:34 -- Ryan

We trust you're here because you, like us, aren't satisfied with what passes for cheese in our grocery stores. You prefer your cheese made from creamy raw milk, your cows raised naturally and treated well, and your money going to farmers who care.

As your kindred spirits, we launched RealMilkCheese.com to create a simple way for food renegades to get raw milk cheese delivered to their homes straight from Pennsylvania Amish country. We sell all eight organic varieties produced by Amos at Welsh Mountain Farm, including his three specialty cheeses - aged cheddar, smoked cheddar, and his cave-ripened Le Cheval.

We've had a lot of interest in our cheese these last six months, but many people browse the site and just don't know which cheeses to try. To make it easy for first time buyers, we're launching sampler packs this month in conjunction with our giveaway on Food Renegade. Each sampler pack contains at least one free block of cheese, and if you use the "RENEGADE" coupon code when you add a sampler pack to your cart after the giveaway, we'll have the farmer ship it for free.

To register for the giveaway of a Classic Sampler, which includes two 8 oz. blocks of each of our classic cheeses, you simply have to join our Prestigious Cheese Society. The PCS is our whimsical way to stay in touch with raw cheese lovers, announcing new deals through an occasional newsletter.

To join, connect to our site via Facebook using the button below or on the account page. You can also Like us on Facebook using the block to the right, and we'll happily Like your raw cheese dinner pictures in return.

Join our PCS:

Once you've registered, make sure you go back to the giveaway blog post on Food Renegade and let Kristen know you've signed up. She'll be picking the winner for us, and she's offering several ways to increase your chances of winning.

If you aren't on Facebook and want to participate in the deal, leave a comment below and send us a message through our contact form, and we'll add you to our mailing list to make sure you're in the pool. Even non-PCS members can take advantage of the "RENEGADE" coupon after the giveaway through the end of May, which we encourage everyone who doesn't happen to win to come back and do. ; )

Happy eating!