Real Milk Cheese turns 1 year old

Mon, 2012-11-12 10:35 -- Kane
Pile it high and eat it all. launched on 11/11/2011 shipping delicious raw milk cheese from Welsh Mountain Farm in Narvon, Pennyslvania directly to the masses. We've had an amazing year and appreciate the encouragement we've received from great folks all over the country. Our farmer Amos has also been very excited about all the buzz around his cheese and is grateful for the Prestigious Cheese Society.

You guys are an amazing group and it is our joy to continue to get delicious nutrient dense cheese from the farm to your door.

Because we love providing life-giving food to all of our Prestigious fans and as a thank you for your wonderful support, we are running a 15% off sale to all comers on any of our individually packaged cheeses for the rest of November.

Eat well and enjoy!