Housecleaning updates on Real Milk Cheese

Mon, 2012-09-10 15:05 -- Ryan

The blog and business have been pretty quiet through the hot Summer months when it's harder to ship cold product across the country. We couldn't be more ready for Fall, though, as we've been itching to put together a new sampler platter and special offer for our Prestigious Cheese Society. To gear up for the big "relaunch", I've done a bit of housecleaning on the site lately.

The most noticeable thing will be that we've fixed the display issues with the PCS discount. All Prestigious Cheese Society members get a 10% discount, but for a while the discount wasn't showing until you got to PayPal. We were able to fix it to show from the product page through the shopping cart and checkout forms, so there can be no question now that you're getting the price you deserve so your wallet can rejoice with your taste buds.

Hope everyone's had a great Summer full of good cheese (and appropriate pairings of fruit, meat, and drink).

We'll be in touch soon...